Q. What is the vision of the MPCB towards futuristic approach?
A. MPCB has developed vision statement as: "Improvement in the Board's functional efficiency transparency in operation, and adequate response to growing needs of environmental protection and sustainable development in the State of Maharashtra" and is self-explanatory.

Q. What role does MPCB play in pollution control?
A. MPCB being a major regulator for implementation of environmental Laws and pollution control in the State, plays an important role in securing sustainable development by enforcing various laws, rules, regulations notifications etc. pertaining to prevention and control of pollution. It is also responsible for monitoring of pollution and for preventive and curative action. MPCB's role has become multi-disciplinary including command and control, Regulator, Facilitator, Management Consultant and Guide to all the stake holders. Monitoring and surveillance has been one of the important function of the Board. Besides that by dissemination of information on Environment Protection and Training to all Stake holders, creation of Awareness become one of the important function of the Board u/s 17 of both the Water (P&CP) and the Air (P&CP) Act, 1981 respectively. MPCB is also supposed to initiate remediation or restoration process by imposing remediation cost and penalty with the approval of the CPCB under the provisions of the Hazardous Waste (Management, Handling & Transboundary Movement) rules, 2008. MPCB is also empowered to carry out certain urgent works, as are within its bound.

Q. Is MPCB's role merely that of a regulator? Or does it play a facilitator's role also
A. MPCB's primary role is of a regulator. However, it goes beyond regulation in order to advise all stake-holders involved in environment management and pollution control for compliance of the laws to organize the systems necessary for securing this objective and also to sensitize the laws and their implications.

Q. How is MPCB connected to State Govt, CPCB and MoEF?
A. MPCB is an autonomous statutory body. In certain administrative and technical matters, it is responsible to State Government, Central Pollution Control Board and Ministry of Environment and Forests, Government of India. In critical matters, it is bound to go by the directions given by the State Government, CPCB or MoEF as the case may be.

Q. What are the environmental and pollution related clearances required to set up and start an industrial unit?
A. Normally the MPCB's No Objection Certificate in the form of combined Consent to establishment under Water Act, Air Act & Hazardous wastes Rules would be required for setting up of an industrial unit. In regard to 39 specified industrial and infrastructure projects, environmental clearance from the MoEF, Government of India and State Environment Department are also required as per Environmental Impact Assessment Notification dtd.14/09/2006 hoisted on the MPCB's Website mpcb[at]gov[dot]in These industry specific details would be available from the information provided in this Website. For the industrial units, MSW sites and other developmental activities located on the coastal stretches of bays, estuaries, creeks, rivers and back waters, CRZ clearance also is required.

Q. Is MPCB's role confined to regulate industrial pollution only?
A. No. It is also concerned with management of municipal waste, bio-medical wastes, used lead acid batteries, hazardous chemicals, electronic wastes and some other aspects related to pollution. MPCB implements various Regulations and Notifications issued by the Ministry of Environment and Forests, Govt. of India, which are placed on the MPCBs website.

Q. What are the enforcement powers vesting in MPCB?
A. The important enforcement powers vested in MPCB are laying down standards and securing their compliance, inspection and monitoring of all sources of pollution, issuance of notices with time limit to comply with the legal requirements, closure of the defaulter unit in grave cases and prosecution in cases of serious violation.

Q. Can a citizen take recourse to court action against a polluting unit?
A. Yes. If for serious violation of law, no action is taken by the authority, a citizen can approach the court of law after giving 60 days’ notice to MPCB


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